Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I Love the Liberals I Love

I love the liberals I love because they're not the liberals the Right paints when the Right paints liberals.

The liberals I love want the truth. They crave and fight with all their guts for justice. They care about facts more than personalities and politics. They care more about what's right than what feels right. They care about people more than almost anyone else cares about people. And they care about people no matter what those people have done or are doing, or will do, no matter what manner of sins have been committed. That doesn't mean they like these people or want good things for them or, at the end of the day, don't want them killed. But they care enough to consider them.

Now, some liberals go too far, don't think enough, don't ask enough real questions, don't peel off the layers of dust and baloney to find the truth and what's really going on. Others are too weak. They think love is all flowers and should never be tough. They think you can win a war started by bad guys by not fighting back. Others don't really care about much except themselves and their own comfort level and the way they have made the world out to be in their own heads, and in their friends' heads.

The liberals I love, though, care passionately about what's right, and what the truth is, and who's really doing the right thing and who isn't. The liberals I love thought Clinton was a great politician and a louse of a husband. The liberals I love admit it when Bush helped to bring democracy to Iraq, and they give him credit for it, even though they questioned some of the thinking behind the war. The liberals I love only vocalize the party line when they've decided after a lot of work that it's right. Otherwise, they state their own claims. Make their own voices heard without resonance from look-alikes.

So to all you Conservative, Right-wingers out there who are just as easy for me to caricature, make sure you're careful when you call someone a Liberal. Because, without knowing it, you're going to make a mistake and completely mischaracterize a liberal I love.

When I read that George W. Bush mentioned to his friend who was secretly taping him that he would not cater to the Religious Right and ostracize gays because they are sinners and so is he and who is he to judge them, I thought: "this is a statement I'd expect from a liberal I love." Whether you are Christian or not, religious or not, there is justice in that. And I respect that.

To me, there are no Blue States or Red States. Only the people I respect.


Blogger ajmac said...

The Accipiter here demonstrates why he is among the greatest of the non-conservatives I know. The Accipiter consistently demonstrates a love of and thirst for truth and justice that transcends his political and ideogical inclinations and for which he is willing (as we all should be) to discard his long-held beliefs if necessary.

Labels such as "liberal" and "conservative" are generally useful as shorthand and for discerning general trends, but they are woefully inadequate as starting points for genuine discussion.

8:48 AM  

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