Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Give Me Something Real

Today, althippo "rounded up" some left-of-center blogs, and made some comments.

I especially like this comment, which is dead-on:

"There's an old saying: avoid negative people. That goes for bloggers, too, both left and right. What I'm saying is that this may be a good time to ask yourself whether your message is entirely negative (Bush is evil, Delay is corrupt, Cheney is Quasimodo's sadistic twin brother, etc.) without a redemptive positive message. 'Nuf said."

Although I tend to be left-of-center by some degree politically, it's totally issue-specific for me. I have Democratic-leaning friends and Republican-leaning friends. When I brush away the political detritus, I'm left with one thing: people whose opinions I respect, and people whose opinions I don't respect. And "a redemptive positive message" goes a long way.

The easiest way to lose the respect of others is to hitch yourself to someone else's star and ride the party line without questioning the basic assumptions on which you stand. It's especially bad when all you have to offer is the same worn-out, flimsy critiques, caricutures, and straw-man arguments.

Give me something substantial, bereft of pure political color, and worth contemplating seriously.

I always try to question my basic assumptions, because doing so strengthens the foundations for my arguments. Analyzing one's basic assumptions can lead to incredibly powerful insights and new perspectives on what is true versus what "sounds good".

More "Lefty" bloggers could stand to exercise a little more discipline and rethink their rationales. The same goes for many bloggers from the Right, no doubt.


Blogger ajmac said...

Amen and alleluiah.

And another amen for good measure.

10:59 AM  

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