Friday, March 11, 2005

Iranian Protesters Dissed by the Mainstream Media

I was a mainstream journalist for awhile, and I typically try to defend the Mainstream Media (as it's been well dubbed). But I can't come close to defending this.

Yesterday and into the wee hours of this morning, 56 Iranian dissidents hunkered down on a Lufthansa A320 that had arrived from Frankfurt in Brussels, Belgium. They refused to deplane until the United States and other western nations signed a pledge not to help Iran's "Islamic regime of mullahs."

The dissidents have since been hauled off the plane by 90 Belgian security officers, and Lufthansa is considering suing them for fouling up its departure/arrival schedule.

I didn't get this from CNN or the New York Times or the AP. Not even (gasp!) Fox News carried it. I got it from a friend's wife who happens to be on an Iranian dissident group's email list. Then I Googled and found the Edmonton, Ontario paper carried it and the Malaysia Star carried it. That's it! What the hell is going on here?

Is this story not important? You bet it is! And for any number of reasons: recent news on Iran and its nuke programs; the U.S.'s political approach to Iran as a terror threat; the E.U. and its maturing economic and political stature; Belgium's and Lufthana's actions.

Not to mention the cause of freedom and democracy in the face of tyranny.

Who is running the news rooms? Is anybody awake? Is anybody home? Don't make me speculate that there's some kind of political reason for this. Don't do it! Don't get crazy on me!


UPDATE: I did find the story on CNN's international website, but not their U.S.-based site. My complaint holds.

UPDATE #2: I found it by searching through CNN's U.S. site, going to "World," then "Europe News." It's the same story its international website carried.

I'm still annoyed. This is clearly not a story that the United States media cares about. It is being treated as incidental, and that's unacceptable in the current international political climate.


Anonymous Tomas el Grillo said...

The problem, as you have pointed out, is not one of not having access to important information. After all, you eventually found the story. The problem lies with the reading public which has evolved into a sound-bite mentality, and appears to thrive on half-truths and endless repetition of the same story from a parade of talking heads. The big story about the Ten Commandment monument stones would have us believe that somehow these granite lists promote Christianity. Lord help us escape from that constant threat to our self-worship. Perhaps a sane voice will be heard in the Michigan government that points out that Moses was not a Christian and neither were the twelve tribal leaders ( who had drifted off under the influence of SpongeBobSquarePants!)

3:06 PM  
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