Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Sad Day for Northern Alaska and the Rest of Us

The Senate voted 51-49 to leave the ANWR drilling proposal in the budget, thereby taking it out of filibuster range and guaranteeing exploratory drilling.

It's a sad day for the flora and fauna of the North Slope and a sad day for the country.

I am convinced, without a shred of doubt, that marring this beautiful wilderness will in no way justify the few barrels of oil that might come out of any commercial operation that eventually is established. And, what seems to have been ignored is that . . .


Shame on the Senate.

And the most shame on those who only see the world in dollars and cents. They ruin it for the rest of us who understand the value of nature for nature's sake.

I'm barely keeping all of my multi-syllabic cuss-word phrases to myself.


Here's what althippo said. The scariest thing about it is the truth it holds:

"Years from now, in an advanced civilization in a country that may not even exist right now, someone will give a lecture to a rapt and incredulous audience. At some point the lights will be dimmed and the slide show will start.

The first slide will perhaps will be from the Banerjee exhibit, the one that that was nixed at the Smithsonian last year.

'This was Alaska,' begins the lecturer. 'In the early 21st century, the leadership of the United States, one of the wealthiest and more powerful nations in the world became so drunk with greed and hubris that they destroyed a wildlife refuge. And this is what it looks like now.'

When the next slide is shown the audience gasps. One begins to wail.

The lecturer continues: 'I'm sorry if this disturbs you. It disturbs me as well. This is what greed looks like. This is what hate looks like. Never doubt that there are real living people who want to destroy the earth. Doubly so if they can profit from it. And if they ever happen to come to power, this will be the result.'"



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