Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Governor Weighs In

For those of you who missed Powerline's link to this early this morning, Governor Murkowski had a guest spot as a columnist for the Seattle Times. He gave us his "honest look at the facts" surrounding ANWR drilling. It didn't surprise me to see that a lot of it consisted of opinions, rather than objectively verifiable data.

And while most of it consisted of obvious, overreaching, overgeneralized pro-drilling sentiments like, "wildlife in ANWR will continue to coexist with cautious oil and gas exploration" (no one doubts that; the question is how healthy and ecologically sound the populations will be), I actually found some good information that gets overlooked in the ANWR debate.

For instance, "Protecting the environment is a global issue, not just an Alaskan issue. Stopping the exploration of ANWR only shifts oil production to other parts of the world where environmental standards are lower." Good point about the NIMBY issue. But, oil production is already in other parts of the world where environmental standards are lower. No one's talking about cutting off Venezuelan oil imports, are they? And: "Some say ANWR will take at least seven years to begin production. That delay is because of the comprehensive environmental-impact study necessary to ensure that the environment is protected." OK. Good to know. Sounds about right.

Another: "We need an honest discussion of the facts and science regarding responsible ANWR oil production and its numerous benefits for America."

Righto. Fantastic. . . .

Umm. OK. But, wait a second.

An "honest discussion of the facts and science regarding responsible ANWR oil production" will actually have little or nothing to do with its "numerous benefits for America." Because if the discussion were actually "honest" and involved "facts" and "science," Americans and their legislators who are itching to drill would have to face reality and realize drilling in ANWR is a short-term, short-sighted, economic and politically costly so-called solution to a very complicated problem for which there is no silver bullet. So there really wouldn't be "numerous benefits for America."

Sadly, if the Governor and his pro-drilling comrades continue to allow the tail ("numerous benefits") to wag the dog ("facts" and "science"), ANWR will only be the first step toward casually sacrificing the innate value of pristine wilderness for short-term profits and band-aid psychological "security".


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