Friday, April 08, 2005

I've Had It With CBS

As if the Mainstream Media isn't in enough trouble already, and as if CBS itself hasn't suffered enough for its own blustery boondoggling, now this:

A CBS photo-stringer was arrested today by American MPs in Iraq for--it is alleged--he is an insurgent (or, for you who are more comfortable, a terrorist). And the evidence is pretty damning: "One official said at least four videos in the man's camera show roadside bomb attacks on U.S. troops. All had been shot in a manner that suggested the cameraman had prior knowledge of the attacks and had scouted a shooting location in sight of the target."

Bastard. I can't count on both hands the number of journalistic ethics lines that blatantly crosses.

And that's the least of it: He's the enemy!

This only bolsters the criticism the AP took earlier this week for its Pulitzer photo shot by a stringer who Powerline suggested was of the same ilk.

I'll continue defending good journalism, but I'm running out of protaganists.


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