Thursday, April 21, 2005

Science, the science community's preeminent peer-reviewed journal, endorsed this global warming facts site. I repeat their endorsement here because geoscientists of all political stripes agree that global warming is both real and directly related to human activity, and I'm tired of "debunkers" promulgating false "facts":

Frustrated by Web sites claiming to debunk global warming, several scientists this month [Ed.: Dec. 2004] launched their own blog on the evidence that humans are heating up the planet. is hosted by a public relations firm called Environmental Media Services, but nine academic and government scientists write the content, says co-organizer Gavin Schmidt of NASA (speaking in a personal capacity). They hope to counter industry-supported sites such as and, where so-called experts "have a habit of seriously misquoting, distorting, and outright manipulating data," says Schmidt.

So far, the site has addressed topics such as why the heat generated by large cities makes only a minuscule contribution to surface warming and the flaws in Michael Crichton's latest novel, State of Fear, which dismisses global warming as hype. Visitors can chime in, but comments are screened before they're posted.


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