Monday, May 16, 2005

In the Hole

It's been a few days. 11, actually. I haven't written because, well, I really don't have much to say.

That's right. Me. Not much to say.

Sure, I have something to say about just about anything. I could debate the merits of corn v. wheat tortillas. I could wax on about the anatomy of bird feathers or the beauty of football-helmet face masks. I could talk about my friend's emerging from dyslexia or my sometime yearning for big, boxy 70s cars whose summer interiors smell like humid vinyl. I could talk about my uncles and aunts and their shaping me. Or my enthusiasm for military aircraft, preparing salsa, trim dress shirts that don't blouse above the belt, my young daughter's pointing to my wife's and my noses and ears on command. I could tell you about my Grandma's porch in Michigan, about the books there, the screened windows, the sun filtering light green through the maple out front, dancing through dusty air on the 1940s paneling behind the sofa. I could tell you about how my dad grills hamburgers so they end up taller than wide, or how he sits on the porch every time it rains. I could go on and on about the Vietnam war, give you insights on the abortion debate, share all of my very sensible views on matters of importance. God and life and purpose and. . . .

But I just don't have the jam right now. Here's why. Everyone out there has something to say, and 90% of it I've either heard before or thought before. A lot of it comes from either standing on someone else's shoulders or dully commenting on commentary. That's all good and fine. There's all kinds of chatter.

But there are so few voices. So little vision.

I don't wanna be part of the chatter.

I want to be compelled to read. By the brilliance of the piece, the lucidity, the compelling, refreshing take on the subject. Really, I want to be charmed.

I have a voice. But I need to focus it and find its heart. When I figure out how to do that in a way that makes me want to read all the huckus I post here--when I feel charming--I'll come out of my hole.

Until then, thanks for your patience. Let me know your thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind hearing about all of the aforementioned ideas? But, I do think they are fun to read---its the political hogwash that gets to be way too, well, political, for me. Eitherway--good blog, glad to be back and reading it!


7:16 AM  
Blogger ajmac said...

We are bloggers. We blog. It's just what we do. You happen to be a particularly gifted blogger and your hiatus has left us all a bit less right with the world.

Blog on, my friend. Blog on.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous BnB said...

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