Thursday, May 05, 2005


Now that I got that last post off my chest, I give you this.

Consider it proprietary knowledge for a kick-ass summer of sugar highs, afternoons asleep at your desk, and uncontrollable nervousness!

Try a peanut-butter and brown-sugar sandwich.

A friend and I used to eat these (along with PB and honey) regularly at his parents' house when we were in fourth grade. The granularness of the thing. The bing-bing-bingy-ness of the sweet zinger and the fatty-nut smoothness of the thing. Whambo! I love it. I'm salivating right now, even though I had a pumpkin-bread muffin earlier.

The PB and BS (hah! a new name for the blogosphere, PB and BS, "pundit's blather and . . . you know the rest) is best enjoyed before a game of capture-the-flag in a midwestern hardwood forest or after a swim in the above-ground, 4-foot pool with the light-blue plastic bottom adorned with white-silhouetted ocean-fish prints splashed in a loose pattern.

Don't forget the generic root beer.

And the Superfriends cups, and the Batman underwear.

And the crack whores.


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