Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How Deep?

A quick thought on this Deep Throat revelation.

The historical and contemporary significance is becoming obvious, I think.

First, the Mainstream Media can revel in its past, enjoying the fruits of W&B's labor, newly revealed as produced without additives or coloring.

Second, MSM can use W&B's work as a touchstone for doing better, and more, investigative journalism regardless of how bloggers on the Right would paint them. While the Fourth Estate has taken enough self-inflicted blows to put big George Foreman in a body bag next to his tiny, little, no-fat grill, it somehow keeps chugging along. I don't forget that all of us depend on those throngs of reporters to give us something to chew on every day and to, well, prompt us to . . . evoke. But I hope Deep Throat in the flesh will summon the higher ethics that were left behind in loud newsrooms draped with cigarette smoke and ringing with the clang of IBM Selectric typewriters.

Three: MSM needs to give itself a lesson in sources and trust, so as, well, not to cause rioting in Arab countries that leaves dead Muslims and others crumpled in the streets. Mistakes are mistakes. But give me a break. I predicted the fall of Newsweek in the aftermath. We'll see.

Four: Whistleblowers are incredibly valuable to this country.

Five: Even 91-year-olds need a little sumpm-sumpm.


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