Sunday, July 24, 2005

Five Shots to the Head as Reminder

By now everyone knows that the Brits chased down and killed a 27-year-old Brazilian man--Jean Charles de Menezes--who emerged from the same apartment building a suspect in the second, July 21, bombings, lives. They followed him to a tube stop where they killed him, according to major media outlets, by forcing him to the floor and shooting him 5 times in head.

Yesterday, London police remorsefully admitted this man had nothing to do with the bombings.

Let this be a reminder that innocents are part of the War on Terror. While mistakes are inevitable--even horrible ones with extraordinary American Fourth Amendment implications--I hope that all who support the efforts of those opposing global terrorism support them carefully. With the courage to be thoughtfully critical, outspoken, and smart about this war and its effects, now and in the future.


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